Our History

Inspired by the work and life of Dr. Charles Mulli the Founder of Mully Children’s Family Group of Homes and Schools the Mully College. The College adds value and opportunity for the children requiring higher education is in line with MCF Vision and Mission, it shall ensure that quest for education and academic pursuit is not hindered by lack of funds, social class, gender or physical being. But academic access shall be made available to all at all times to enable the students explore their talents and sharpen their skills.

Love shall be the guiding virtue for those serving and being served in the institution. MC believes in three things. It believes in the people; It believes in the future; Above all, it believes in the capacity of its own beneficiaries to learn from the past that they can gain in judgment in creating their own future.

MC believes in people. Indeed, it is people that make our service to God manifested. The college shall create the link between the current and future generations. In doing so we have said to future generations that look back upon this venture that service to humanity, demonstration of love, peace and restoration of hope are as important to us now, as these ideals were in 1989 when MCF opened its door to first beneficiaries.

Dr. Mulli has time and again emphasized the following virtues as key pillars of the environment within which those serving in MCF and MC shall demonstrate at all times. He has always remarked that “We serve the living God, by serving the very poor and very needy in the society”, that, “no body should be chased away or turned away, but instead to be served with love, assured hope and made to feel relieved..”. That MCF shall continue in generations to come to be restorer of hope to those seeking refuge under its wings.

It is with this understanding that Mully College open its doors to those requiring higher education. Those whom poverty, and lack of fees has made their higher education unattainable or out of reach or unavailability of courses that addresses the holistic needs of the learners.